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8th of June, Relaxation & Recharge at Patagonia in Soho, NYC

Amidst the fast-paced urban lifestyle, it's important to prioritize a practice that cultivates stillness and focus. Through meditation and yoga, we can infuse our lives with greater happiness and a sense of serenity.  Discover during the 30-minute class, the benefits of meditation and yoga, and learn the movements and mindfulness practices to quiet the mind, reduce stress, increase flow, and cultivate joy. Sign-up here!

13th of June - Meditation, Reiki & Cacao

I'm leading a meditation session to reduce stress and calm your nervous system, while you receive 1-1 Reiki by Daria. Following this guided class, we will enjoy Anima Mundi Cacao that will help you ground and help you elevate in a more positive state! We will gather for conversations and sharing. You can get tickets for this event here.


May 17th - The Happiness Hour

The Happiness Hour is an Event to teach participants how to take control of their own happiness.
Wind down, and get ready to learn about the science and practices to cultivate more happiness in your life. The talk, activities, and guided meditation are accompanied by live music.


March 29th - Sakara Tasting Menu, Human Performance & Meditation Event

The Event was an evening filled with delicious organic food, meaningful conversations, and moments of mindfulness.

We kicked off the event with a Sakara tasting menu.
We experienced organic and nutrient-rich foods, and how delicious healthy food can be. We also discussed the importance of being present while eating, and the joy of sharing a meal with wonderful company.

Next, we dove into a thought-provoking conversation about well-being, happiness, and the value of having clarity in our lives. We explored the significance of taking control and making choices that align with what we want. And if we’re unsure about what we truly want (who we are and what we find important), we learned the importance of slowing down and making time for more reflection in our daily lives.

We ended the evening with two meditation sessions. We first practiced reducing stress through breath and body awareness, and then I guided the participants in a heart-opening practice by cultivating gratitude.

Stay tuned for more Sakara x Wellness & Performance Events! And if you like to try out Sakara meals or products, you can use my code PAULINESAKARA for 20% off HERE.


May 7th, Introduction to Meditation Workshop

During this Workshop we explored the essentials of meditation and how to establish a regular practice.

This class is perfect for those who are new to meditation, or for experienced meditators looking to strengthen their foundational skills.

It’s important to understand the fundamentals of meditation, why we do it, and how to make it a part of your daily routine. Just like with any “workout”, consistency is key to reaping the benefits.

There will be another Workshop this Fall! In the meantime, sign up for my weekly classes every Sunday "Your Sunday Recharge", or check-out the other classes at The Modern Medi Club.

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Back to Self Retreat - postponed to Fall 2024

Get away from the hustle and find your happiness. 

This retreat features a hike with beautiful views of the Delaware River, daily yoga and meditation, a Happiness Workshop, and a sound bath. Discover the scientific principles that underpin happiness, and learn practical techniques to cultivate and embody happiness in your everyday life.

Come savor nourishing, wholesome meals, and connect with each other while gazing at stars and chatting by the fire. And during your stay, you can choose between sleeping in a cozy yurt or a comfortable bell tent.

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