About Pauline

Born in the Netherlands to parents from Hong Kong, I never quite felt anchored to a singular identity, place or culture. And I loved the adaptation and my own control of my sense of belonging. 

Before graduating Business School in the Netherlands, I landed a Marketing Traineeship at a Global Beauty Firm and within the decade that followed I got promoted six times. The beauty industry was vast and full of endless potential, luring me to different countries, greater challenges, and ever-increasing responsibilities. But it was in Vietnam that a different kind of opportunity blossomed before me, and a new world demanded to be explored.

One day, while running Saturday morning, I was hit by a motorbike - I knew at that moment, laying on the intersection in downtown Saigon, that I had to make changes. I would either feel like a victim, or feel empowered to make the choices I wanted to make. 

From that moment on, I started to surrender myself to that beautiful country, yet my self-care was still to be discovered. 

Two years later, I knew it was time to create a new home for myself. I packed two suitcases, boarded a plane to New York City, and moved into a tiny studio in the East Village, Manhattan. 

I started to incorporate daily habits with setting morning intentions, cooking (for the first time in my life!) and, soon enough, I began my studies in health and nutrition, and yoga.

The years following, I continued my wellness journey and returned back to the corporate world. During these years, I learned how to balance a dynamic career, with a life lived to the fullest, embrace working with passion rather than obsession. I learned that a career is important, but not what life is all about, that working hard is essential for success, but that success is hollow when you're not embracing life. 

I strive to teach others how to become better performers at work by embracing and improving the person they are and the life they want to live.

As I discovered myself in the words of the renowned Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, ‚ÄúOnly the present moment contains life‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúPeace is every breath‚ÄĚ; I calmly watch my dreams eventuate into beautiful realities.

My Mission 

To help people realize their true purpose, guide them how to bring their passions into full focus, and show them that all areas of their life, can thrive like never before if they have the right ethos.

I'm here to support you living an extraordinary life and career!

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