Yoga & Meditation - two practices that will support your Performance, Wellbeing and Happiness.

Join me finding more stillness and peace during and at the end of the week.

Every Sunday at 10am EST I'm teaching at The Modern Medi Club - the online global & donation based meditation studio. Sign-up here!

If you like to book a virtual 1:1 Meditation class, you can do that HERE.

Meditation is a tool for us to slow-down, to reflect, to gain more insights,  and to be more anchored in the present. Scientifically, meditation supports our nervous system to calm down, rewires the brain, and supports creative functions. It helps us gain more clarity, increases self-love and kindness to others. Moreover, practicing meditation consistently gives us more happiness. Some meditation classes includes journaling.

See you on the mat soon!

I'm excited to teach yoga and share the amazing benefits of practicing breath, mind and body connection. Sign-up for my newsletter to stay posted about the classes.

The form of yoga that I teach is called “Strala Yoga”. It helps you to shift the focus from pushing, into ease. The yoga flows are designed to focus on your movements, your breath and the way you feel. When you connect your breath to your body, you’ll see that the practice becomes one of ease and joy. The classes are themed Strong, Energize and Relax.