Happy New Year!

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Happy 2024!

I know that in a few days, the “business” of daily life will be at the level of how we know it, so I hope to share a few nuggets that can help you. 



Many people are reflecting on 2023 in the past and the coming days, and we’re seeing many Reels and posts on social media. While it's great to appreciate and be grateful for the beautiful moments in our lives, it's equally important to reflect on our personal growth, which is often kept private. When you come across these posts on social media, don't compare yourself to others. You never know the challenges and hardships they may have faced.

So when you take the time to reflect, I encourage you to do two things - appreciate the beauty of 2023 and also write down what you have learned. Take note of what hurt you or what you didn't enjoy, so you can have a clearer understanding of what truly brings you happiness or what makes you a better person. 

Then reflect on why the beautiful moments were special and how they made you feel. This will help you identify what feelings truly make you happy. Similarly, from the difficult moments, think about what you have learned and what your role was in this. And this realization of your own responsibility will help you to improve in 2024. 

This process will truly bring you more clarity, and it's important to do this before setting any new life goals for the upcoming year. Remember, there's no rush to do this in the first week of January! Take your time, use the entire month to be still, and gain a clearer perspective. Really allow yourself the space for reflection.



When it comes to your well-being, both physically and mentally, it's important to explore various methods of improvement and self-care. Take the time to discover what works best for you, as it may require some experimentation. Good health is the foundation for achieving anything you desire in life. Whether incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, staying hydrated, or practicing mindful eating, every small step adds up over time. Strive to be "1% better" each day, and you'll be amazed at the results you can achieve in just a few months. Remember, it's an exciting journey!

As for mental well-being, it's important to prioritize meditation. As a meditation teacher, I already practice regularly, but sometimes I skip it - or I catch myself during the day that I’m not mindful and all over the place. And during these times, there’s no need to judge ourselves. Just take note and lovingly choose to refocus the attention on the present, on the breath, the body awareness, or what you do at hand.

And a daily meditation practice will help with that. It will create the stillness and the clarity and after all, a clear mind is a healthy and happy mind.



Below, I've listed some resources that can assist this endeavor, but of course, there are many ways. The most important thing is to remember to be kind to yourself and take the necessary time to work towards your life goals. They need to align with your purpose and bring you happiness. So I’m excited to share with you that I’ve carved out time to help you find more clarity in life. Feel free to book a complimentary 30 minutes 1:1 call with me and I can’t wait to support you in any way that I can!

  • Coaching Call 30 min - schedule time with me here and we can explore together what is important to you, and how I can help. This call is complementary and my gift to you for the new year!
  • Modern Medi Club - this meditation club is donation based and all classes are given by certified teachers. I'm teaching every Sunday 10am EST. Also starting from 1/1/2024, we kicked-off the January Challenge and many prizes to win! Head over here to RSVP for your first class!
  • Sakara Reset - excited to offer you 20% discount as first-time customer (USA only) and join me in being at my healthiest and to start the year well with the Burn or the Balance Reset. You can join every new week in January. Also, when you sign up now, you will receive a limited edition Sakara hoodie, a Pvolve 1 month digital access and the Pvolve resistance band. Use code PAULINESAKARA to claim the discount and goodies here  

Have an amazing start of 2024 my friends and I see you soon in person or online!


Pauline Leung - Certified High Performance Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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