What if a single weekend can change the course of your life?

Our Total Reset Retreat is finally here!

Your Total Reset Awaits

A true retreat curated around transformation in ALL WAYS where you will accelerate your growth and transformation…

It is a weekend of Revolutionary Integrative Healing combined with High Performance Mastery that is designed to remove any energetic blocks around your heart, mind and soul and give you sustained and heightened levels of success and abundance you truly desire and dream of.

Join Rosie and me in Spain August the 19th - 22nd for a life-changing Retreat!

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Through a potent journey of conscious, sub-conscious and deep energetic healing of embodiment and breathwork, Rosie will support you to let go and peel away your conditioned belief symptoms that aren’t serving you anymore, so that you can more fully embody the unconditional love you truly are, and live the largest expression of yourself.

You will be guided to reconnect to your highest levels of energy, engagement and success, as well as grounding yoga classes and mindfulness meditations with Pauline, that will provide you with the most easy to apply guidance and tools to live with more intention, be healthier, find your own emotional truths and have better relationships in your life.